Chant Seminar in Miramar Beach, FL

March 27, 2021
St. Anthony Claret Church - Miramar Beach, FL

The Catholic Church has composed the most beautiful melodies in the world to signify the spiritual reality of what is happening in the Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ. They are praises to Our Lord, Our Lady, the Angels, and all the Saints to help us delve into the spiritual realities behind them.

How does it concern us if we are in the pews?

The Church has given music not only to be put in our ears but in our mouths.

That with one mind, and with one mouth, you may glorify God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. (Rom 5:16)

We have to participate with our body so that we can come to the spiritual reality behind what is signified behind the mystery of the Life of Christ.

If I could only make the faithful sing the Kyrie, the Gloria, the Credo, the Sanctus, and the Agnus Dei ... that would be to me the finest triumph sacred music could have, for it is in really taking part in the liturgy that the faithful will preserve their devotion. (St. Pius X to Msgr. Callegari, 1897)

By taking part with our body and our actions we will come to appreciate the liturgy more.

What can one get from this seminar?

If you are new to Gregorian Chant, it can help you become more proficient in understanding how to read the notes and become more comfortable with them. If you are new to singing in general and aren’t sure if you can sing at all, we can help you learn how to listen and recognize different sounds and just where you are supposed to be in the music. If you are a complete expert in Chant with nothing else to learn, then we can teach the beautiful Phraseology behind some of the pieces of Chant throughout the year.

Seminar Schedule

9 am   Mass
9:45    Breakfast

10:45 am   a.) Beginners Class (open to all ages and skill)
                  b.) Schola Practice (Choir members)

12:30    Lunch

2 pm     a.) Palm Sunday Practice for beginners
             b.) How to direct Chant for Choir members

2:30      Coffee Break

3 pm     a.) Solfege for beginners
             b.) Word Painting for Choir members

3:45   Closing Prayer


Free registration is open to all ages and every level of singing.

Please register before February 15, by contacting the Choir Director >

About the Instructors

The Seminar Instructors are Edward Campbell and Edward Simmerer. Both Edwards spent a few years at SSPX Seminaries and fell in love with the liturgy and the Chant through living that community life.

They have both been singing the chant of the High Mass for twenty-plus years and have a vast array of knowledge to help bring the liturgy of Our Lord Jesus Christ to a place of love, honor, and dignity within the hearts of all the faithful.