1513: SSPX Florida Newsletter Nº 2

Editorial: We Need a Priory, by Fr. Marc Vernoy. The Season of Paschaltide, by Fr. Louis Alessio. An Appeal from Holy Name Society, by Bruce Rhea. Victimæ Paschalis Laudes, by Fr. Anthony Haynos. Schedule.

We must start on a solution without further delay. In realistic anticipation of short-to-midterm needs, we should have at least 8 bedrooms, with private studies for 4 or 5 of these bedrooms. 

Expanding the current priory seems the most realistic option for obtaining the additional living space we need for the priests. Naturally, if we take the time and money to build something on the church property, we want to build something sturdily that will complement the character of our church. While we would not want to cut costs on the quality of building, we believe that there is a plan which would allow us to achieve these design objectives while still keeping building costs reasonable.

It is important to consider that this is not a project which only, or even primarily, benefits San- ford, Florida. Being able to accommodate more priests and their helpers primarily benefits the mission chapels served by the priory. More resident priests means more frequent masses (at more convenient times) for the missions throughout Florida. 

(Extract from An Appeal from Holy Name Society, Sanford President, Bruce Rhea)

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