1513: SSPX Florida Newsletter Nº 22

Editorial: Lent: The Three Pilars, by Fr. Marc Vernoy. Holy Week Schedule. Lent, the Springtime of Our Souls, by Fr. Joshua Jacobs. Ash Wednesday: “So, run that you may obtain it”, by Fr. Samuel Fabula. Schedule.

Prayer unites us with God more closely. We turn back to Him; we Adore, Thank, Beg Pardon, and Ask Him for what we need. From this intimate contact with God, we see more clearly why we are on this earth. Everything we do is for God and this

knowledge makes our Penitential practices joyful. It is not an emotion or feeling of joy; it is the true joy that comes from a soul at peace. We know we are following Our Lord. We are doing penance, uniting our penance to His and we are trying to do what we can to make our souls more like His. We have the desire that our soul truly grows in His grace and show forth the beauty that He gives to us by His grace. This must be our desire. We want our souls full of new life, His life of grace and we must do what He has commanded us to do to make this desire a reality.

Let us enter this Holy Season with the correct spirit, the spirit and will to do penance, to follow Our Lord and His Church and, if we are firm and resolved, we will grow, we will receive light and our souls will bloom and give off that sweet odor of Christ, firstly to God and to all those around us.

Extract of the article, by Fr. Joshua Jacobs.

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