1513: SSPX Florida Newsletter Nº 32

Editorial: Lent, by Fr. Marc Vernoy. Sanford Summer Retreat in 2023. What is Penance Anyway? by Fr. Albert Kallio (op). Fasting - Even Ancient, Even New, by Fr. Scott Settimo. Confession, Contrition and Satisfaction, by Fr. Jamey Rigi. Pascua Florida Pilgrimage 2023. How to Help my Children to Examine Their Conscience, by Fr. Pierre Duverger. The One Reason to Make Penance, Fr. James Haynos. 2023 Holy Week Schedule. SSPX Floridian Mass Centers.

The three pillars of this penitent season are our prayer, our fasting, and our giving alms. Our prayer keeps us in the presence of God, our fasting of food and distraction helps us to open widely our hearts to His presence, our almsgiving answers the commandment of our Lord to prove our love. “I have shewed you all things, how that so laboring you ought to support the weak, and to remember the word of the Lord Jesus, how He said: It is a more blessed thing to give, rather than to receive.” (Acts 20:35)

Who are the poorest and the weakest in our community?

They are our children. We live in a time, when everything is done to destroy their innocence and their faith, to kill their hope and darken their future life, to enslave their intelligence and to cancel their ability to love. Our parents do their best to educate them to the liberty of the children of God, and our Academy is serving this very purpose.

One of the best actions we can do for Lent is to generously help to build our Academy. With this accomplishment, it is our goal to be able to open schools in all the Floridian missions. It is an act of mercy and charity for our children who are our future, the future of our beloved Catholic Church.

Fr. Marc Vernoy, Prior and Principal