Give a Stipend for Mass

The stipend in no way corresponds with the value of a Mass, which is of infinite value. Expressions such as: “How much does a Mass cost?” or “How much is it for a Mass?” are inaccurate and should not be used. The correct form is: “What is the stipend for a Mass?”

Unlike other donations which are given directly to the Society or its chapels, Mass stipends are given directly to the priest who celebrates the Mass.


In the Society of Saint Pius X, the following fees apply:

• One Mass: $20
• A novena of Masses, nine consecutive Masses: $200
• A Gregorian Masses, thirty consecutive Masses for the repose of a deceased only: $800.

How to proceed

We ask those who wish to have Masses said to

1.  Please indicate clearly on a piece of paper:

• their name
• the intention of the Mass to be said (including, if applicable, the name of any person(s) for whom the intention is associated)
whether the person for whom a Mass is intended is deceased or living

2.  Put this information and the stipend in an envelope for the celebrant.

3.  Put the envelope in the collection basket at church or send to:
St. Thomas More Priory
500 Riverview Ave.

Sanford, FL 32771

Checks should be made out to Society of St. Pius X.