Lenten Recollection in Davie with Fr. Elias, O.S.B.

March 30 - March 31, 2019
Our Lady of Victory, Davie - FL
The entombment in the church of Saint-Jean-Baptiste in Chaource, France - 1515.

Come and listen to Fr. Elias, O.S.B. who will explain how to make our sufferings a way to unite us with Jesus’ Passion, following our Mother’s example.

Suffering is very present in our life. How can we relay and connect our own sufferings with those of Our Lord and of Our Lady?
Our Lady is the best example of union to the Passion of Christ. How did God prepare her to unite herself to the sufferings of the Cross?


Saturday, March 30

5:00pm   Conference I: Suffering
6:00pm   Mass | Confessions 
7:00pm   Conference II: Confidence


Sunday, March 31

7:00am    Confessions 
7:30am    Mass with sermon (Fr. Elias)

Our Lady of Victory Church
4580 SW 65th Avenue - Davie, FL 33314

Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery in New Mexico.

Fr. Elias is born in Sanford, Florida. He joined Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery in 2002. He studied theology in SSPX St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary. After his solemn religious profession in 2010, he was ordained priest in 2012 by Bishop Bernard Tissier de Malerais.