5th Annual Corn Hole Tournament

October 03, 2020
St. Thomas More Priory, Sanford, FL

In Brief

At What Time: 4:00 pm.
Where: Priory Garden.
How Much: $10 per person ($20 per team).
Who: Men, Women, Children.
Why: Fundraiser for the Academy.


To make the tournament go quicker and make sure everyone gets a chance to play against every team, we will be doing non-cancellation scoring for the regular games and then will be doing cancellation scoring for the single-elimination playoffs. (Every team makes the playoffs regardless of record).

- The boards will be 20ft apart (closer than last year), so it will be easier to score.

- You must win by 2 pts to defeat the opponent.

- There will not be closer throwing for the kids since the boards are going to be closer anyways.

- No name-calling, backbiting, or slander will be allowed.

Corn dogs will be provided for dinner. Please bring a side dish and drinks. Beer will be available for purchase!


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