Canoe Adventure

July 08 - July 13, 2013
French River

We're heading back to the French River, eager to explore its treasures: rapids, narrows, beautiful scenery, great camping, and interesting history.

Our route will take us over some familiar territory, and by some great fishing spots. Those who remember our epic treks down the Restoule River will recall its many attractions. Well, we're going back there this year too.

We’ll also be breaking new water at journey's end, as we paddle south from Cantin Island and into the Pickerel River, which may open a new door to us in years to come.

Unfortunately, due to the tremendous interest in this camp, the spaces left to be filled are becoming scarce. Therefore, if you want to share in this great adventure, contact us as soon as possible! Details are listed below.

Canoe Venture Ontario

Age 14+
Price $300
Dates from Monday, July 8th, 3pm
to Saturday, July 13th 12pm
Where? Place of embarkation and finish point: Restoule Lake and Pickerel River (at Hwy 69)
Contact St. Michael's Priory Toronto, T 416 251 0499