Caroling at Laurel Hill, FL

December 29, 2021
Laurel Hill - FL

On the 5th day of the Christmas Octave, December 29th at 530P we will be meeting in Laurel Hill, FL to spread some Christmas cheer in our humble town square. We will meet and begin our choral arrangement at the local filling station, also known as "The Tom Thumb" by locals.

No previous choral experience is necessary (but it is always welcome!), sheet music will be provided, but please bring your headlights/flashlights, pitch-pipe and your best singing voice. I wish I could say "dress warm" - however it's looking rather balmy with temps in the 60s-70s. We will plan to carol for 45 min or so then head back to our homestead to enjoy more Christmas cheer and spirits with a pot-luck dinner, (please bring your favorite Christmas side-dish or desert) bonfire and a Christmas Cocktail or two.

Please RSVP via email by the Feast of St. Stephen (12/26).
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