Lenten Conference in Brooksville: How to Pray?

March 22, 2020
Brooksville - Tampa, FL
Christ in the garden - Giovanni di Paolo - Vatican Museum

We all experience that prayer is not easy. We read how the Saints use to pray and we wish we could exchange with God in an easier way. Sometimes it seems that our past life has definitely put a wall between God and us. Is it useful to pray? Can we improve our prayer life?

Lenten Conference by Fr. Duverger

2 pm: First Conference

Ave Maria - Magnificat - Jesus’ First Prayer
How God addresses his creature, what is the answer?
2:30 pm: Rosary

3pm: Second Conference

Pater Noster: the Lord’s Prayer
“Lord teach us how to pray”. Why seven requests in this particular order?
3:30 pm: Stations of the Cross | Confessions by Fr. Settimo

4 pm: Mass of the IV Sunday of Lent

Predication: What prayer in Heaven?
Confessions during Mass, Fr. Settimo.

5 pm: Third Conference

The Agony in the Garden. Jesus’ last Prayer
How to pray in temptation? What if God is silent?
5:30 pm: Contemplation

St. Andrew’s Ukrainian Catholic Church
8064 Weeping Willow St
Brooksville, FL 34613

(407) 872-1007