Men's Vocation Retreat - Holy Angels Novitiate Retreat Center: July

July 15 - July 20, 2019
Holy Angels Novitiate Winona MN

Choosing whether or not to pursue the priesthood or religious life can be daunting and confusing. Misconceptions and well-meaning advice abound. Accurate information and prudent guidance are sadly deficient. The vocations retreat aims at alleviating these difficulties. The retreatants will follow a variation of the five-day Ignatian exercises designed to put their souls in the best possible dispositions for making this important choice. Throughout these five days, the priests preaching the retreat will instruct them about these states of life and the requirements for admission. Daily consultation with one of these priests, as well as the possibility for continued contact after the retreat, will facilitate good resolutions and perseverance in carrying them out. 

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Offline Registration

Retreat Informational Flyer

Holy Angels Novitiate Retreat Center
SSPX Midwest region Retreat Center in Winona, MN

21077 Quarry Hill Road
Winona, MN  55987


Retreat costs and other important info:
The cost of a 5-day retreat is $250.00  Retreats are to be paid in full at time of registration. (Registration is on-line only).  There is a cancellation fee of $50.

List of Personal Items to Bring (and what not to bring)

Rosary, Missal
Notebook, pen or pencil
Simple loose fitting, comfortable clothes suitable for a religious house
For MEN: No Jeans, Shorts or T-shirts
Do not bring radios, CD players, MP3 players, tablets or laptops
Alarm clock
Cell Phones for travel use only. Their use is not permitted during the retreat, and you are asked to turn in such items to the retreat master for the duration of the retreat. Family members should be directed to call this number in case of an emergency: (507) 454-8000.

(Available at or they may be purchased here on arrival):
- Christian Warfare
- New Testament
- Imitation of Christ