Ordinations to the Priesthood and Diaconate at STAS

June 11, 2021
Saint Thomas Aquinas Seminary - Dillwyn, VA

St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary is pleased to announce that the 11 June ceremonies of Ordinations will be open to the public.

On Friday, June 11, 2021, Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, His Excellency Bishop Bernard Fellay will ordain priests Phillip DeLallo of St. Mary's, KS, Dominic O’Hart of Fermanagh, Ireland, and Jonathan Steele of St. Mary's, KS. He will also confer the diaconate to Cormark McCall of Sanford, FL.

Thursday, June 10

6:40 pm   Pontifical 1st Vespers in the Ordinations Tent

8:40 pm   Compline in the Ordinations Tent

Friday, June 11

9:00 am   Mass of Ordinations to the Priesthood & Diaconate in the Tent

6:00 pm   Pontifical Vespers in Ordination Tent

8:45 pm   Compline in the Ordinations Tent

After the Mass of Ordinations, there will be food available for sale for the faithful.

Saturday, June 12

First Masses of newly Ordained

8:00 am   Fr. Dominic O'Hart - Seminary Chapel

9:00 am   Fr. Jonathon Steele - Seminary Chapel

10:00 am   Solemn High Mass - Fr. Philip DeLallo - Ordinations Tent