Women's 3.5-Day Virtues Retreat: Phoenix - February

February 05 - February 08, 2020
Our Lady of Sorrows Retreat House

Our Lady of Sorrows Retreat Center
750 E. Baseline Road - Phoenix, AZ 85042

602-268-7673  |  602-276-9609 fax  |  email

Retreat costs and other important info:

The cost of a 5-day retreat is $300. The cost of a 3-day retreat is $180. Retreats are to be paid in full at time of registration. (Checks, money orders or credit cards.) We require a $50 deposit to hold your retreat room, this is a non-refundable deposit.

List of Personal Items to Bring (and what not to bring)

  • Rosary, Missal, head covering for women
  • Set of bed linens (for a twin-sized bed) and pillow cases
  • Towels, soap, personal products & toiletries, Kleenex, slippers
  • Notebook, pen or pencil
  • Simple loose fitting, comfortable clothes suitable for a religious house
  • For MEN: No Jeans, Shorts or T-shirts
  • For WOMEN: No pants, slacks or shorts
  • Do not bring radios, CD players, MP3 players, tablets or laptops
  • Alarm clocks are supplied in each room
  • Cell Phones for travel use only. Their use is not permitted during the retreat, and it is will be highly recommended that you turn in such items to the retreat master for the duration of the retreat. Family members should be directed to call this number in case of an emergency: (602) 268-7673.

(Available at AngelusPress.org or they may be purchased here on arrival):
- Christian Warfare
- New Testament
- Imitation of Christ

Virtues Retreat

A Virtues Retreat leaves the priest preaching it a broad freedom to provide the souls of the men or women in attendance with concrete advice on the real problems they need to resolve.
Whatever our state of life or profession, there are moral dilemmas that arise. When is it prudent for me to speak or to remain silent? Do I correct my spouse or friend or child in this kind of situation or let it go for now for the sake of greater considerations? How do I go about asking advice? How do I find the strength to make an unpopular decision? Have I been acting on principles; or simply my own pride? What about my dealings with others? Is this fair and just? Do I need to pay my taxes? How do my spouse or children deserve to be treated? Wherein lies the secret of true and effective leadership?

One young man comes on retreat because it seems to be the only way to make a fresh start and break his bad habit of alcohol or pornography. It is clear that such addictions often need stronger measures than the normal weekly confession.

Another individual comes because he wants to make sure that his life is properly organized and prioritized, lest he serve himself instead of the God he loves

Many ladies come because they want their children to have nothing less than the best of mothers, and their spouses the best of wives.