Canada Criminalizes Conversion Therapy

December 22, 2021
Mary Simon, Governor General of Canada

Canada’s parliament has just unanimously approved a bill to ban any practice, known as “conversion therapy,” that seeks to alter a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

Conversion therapies have become illegal in the country beginning on December 8, 2021, when Governor General Mary Simon - who represents the authority of Queen Elisabeth II in this part of the Commonwealth – signed the bill immediately after Parliament had unanimously passed it. She did not hide her emotions, referring to it as a “crucial step.”

A vote whose unanimity is surprising, given that the Conservatives voted against the project at the start of 2021.

Senator Leo Housakos, member of the Conservative Party of Canada (PCC), explained on Twitter the reasons for this about-face: “The Trudeau government has been using LGBT Canadians as political pawns and conversion therapy as a political weapon for too long.”

Does this mean that surrendering to political correctness will be enough to disarm the advocates of progressivism? That’s disturbing!

In any case, the Canadian Prime Minister was quick to congratulate himself: “the despicable and degrading practice of conversion therapy is finally banned from our country,” a jubilant Justin Trudeau said on social networks.

Canadian law now calls for a sentence of five years in prison for any “practice that seeks to change a person's sexual orientation to heterosexual, or gender identity to cisgender.”

Will the same path be followed in France? Very probably, because last December 7, following the National Assembly, the French Senate voted, 305 to 28, in favor of the creation of an offense punishing “therapists” claiming to “cure” a person of homosexuality.

Against the advice of the government, the senators however made a modification to the text adopted by the deputies, specifying that persons making repeated comments intended to encourage caution before embarking on a medical course of gender change should not be incriminated.

Because, there is a worry on the side of several Catholic associations: Will the fact of offering spiritual accompaniment advocating chastity to homosexual people soon be liable to legal proceedings?

Would a priest who agrees to help such people by questioning their behavior, and attempting to provide answers in the light of the teachings of the Church, fall under the law?

What is certain is that since September 2021, the Miviludes, the department attached to the Ministry of the Interior that fights against sectarian aberrations, has clearly listed conversion therapies in the “sectarian aberrations” section: a strong signal, and a victory for groups claiming to be part of the LGBT movement.