The Growth of Tradition in Florida

January 30, 2021
Source: Priory Orlando

Tradition is growing in Florida.

In a year noted for worldwide concerns over a global pandemic and wide-ranging lockdowns, with many families experiencing job losses and grave financial concerns, the churches and missions of the SSPX in Florida increased in membership and were blessed with abundance in their fundraising efforts. After years of the Florida faithful sowing the seeds with many prayers and sacrifices, in the Year of St. Joseph, Almighty God in His loving beneficence saw fit to give the increase.

St. Thomas More

In Sanford, St. Thomas More Church reached its fundraising goal of $250,000. Next comes the expansion of the sacristy and the addition of four new altars that will allow the priory’s eight priests to more fittingly serve and honor Almighty God in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Saint Michael Archangel

In Jacksonville, St. Michael the Archangel Church attained its fundraising goal of $500,000. The overcrowded church – which had gone from one to three Masses on Sundays to accommodate all the new parishioners – will be expanded to allow more seating, and a new side altar to St. Philomena will be added to honor the patroness who so greatly aided their efforts.

Our Lady of Victory & Shrine of Saint Philomena

In Davie, Operation Lepanto commenced on December 6th to gather funds that would be used to acquire land and build a new shrine large enough to accommodate the faithful of two churches – Our Lady of Victory in Davie and St. Philomena in Miami. After five weeks, the incredible had happened: the joint parishes had attained their goal of raising $1,000,000 in a mere five weeks.

Other Missions

Changes are coming elsewhere in Florida as well. The parish in Miramar Beach is growing, and efforts are underway to establish a new church for the growing number of faithful. In Fort Myers, work to beautify the church enthusiastically continues. In West Palm Beach, the faithful meet in the basement of their church while the upstairs sanctuary is being steadily renovated.

A Providential Pandemic?

In the past year, many faithful in Florida found the Society’s churches after the diocesan churches were closed to them. Astonished that the houses of worship they had long attended were shut down in the middle of a worldwide crisis, and eagerly desiring the Divine aid and consolation that only the Catholic Church can provide, they sought and found the pearl of great price in the Traditional Mass, catechism, and sacraments that, by the grace of God, the Society of St. Pius X provides.

May St. Joseph and Our Lady and Our Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless these efforts to honor God and save souls in the SSPX chapels of Florida.

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