Same-Sex “Marriage” Legalized Throughout Mexico

November 02, 2022
Tamaulipas State Congress Hall

For same-sex marriage to be approved nationwide, all it took was for one state in the “United Mexican States” – the official name of the federation of Mexican states – to approve this new law.

Indeed, only one Mexican state, the state of Tamaulipas located in the northeast of the country, was the last of the 32 Mexican states to criminalize same-sex marriage.

On October 26, 2022, the political authorities of the “Free and Sovereign State” of Tamaulipas approved homosexual “marriage” by 23 votes for, 12 against, and 1 abstention. It was decided to modify article 132 of the civil code of the State, which until now described marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Now, twelve years after the State of Mexico, a pioneer in this field, opened the way in 2010, the whole country is affected. This year, the process has heated up, with seven states approving same-sex marriage.

Faced with this decision, many families and Catholic and pro-life associations protested, including the National Front for the Family (NFF), which describes this new law as “unjust,” considering that it is equivalent to the government “turning its back on the people.”

Thus, the NFF explained that “the Tamaulipas Congress, instead of supporting the family and its nucleus, which is the institution of marriage, voted by turning its back on the people, emptying this vital institution of its contents for the State.”

“The natural complementarity between man and woman, open to life, constitutes the intergenerational bond by which all our communities have been, are, and will be tied together despite these unjust laws,” adds the press release.