Sign Up for the Spiritual Bouquet for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

August 28, 2021
Source: Priory Orlando
Governor Ron DeSantis.

“We want Jesus to reign over the whole world…In your thoughts, your aspirations, your works, place the apostolate – the spread of the kingdom of Christ – above everything else…” – Pius XII

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Christ Must Reign and He will Reign as King!

It is good for Catholics to recognize and encourage Catholic leaders and strong politicians. The state of Florida has been blessed to have as its Governor Ron DeSantis, a Catholic politician who provides strong leadership from Tallahassee. When so many voices today tell Americans to be ashamed of their history and their heritage and desire to see our country broken and humiliated, it is encouraging to have a leader like Governor DeSantis who works courageously to defend and strengthen what is good about our state and our country in opposition to the efforts of godless men that would remake society after their own fallen image. The rights of God over society take precedence, and the chief duties of the human race are always towards our Divine Savior.

Double Goal

In thanksgiving for the good Catholic leadership of Governor DeSantis, and in petition that he consecrates the state of Florida to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, you are invited to join the political fight to have Christ proclaimed as our King by signing this spiritual bouquet.

The deadline for signing is September 30.

A Good Catholic Leadership

Here are examples of the good Catholic leadership provided by Governor Ron DeSantis.

  • Worship is Essential: When states across the union were shutting down churches during the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor DeSantis classified religious worship as an essential activity, allowing Catholic faithful to have access to the Mass and the sacraments.
  • Pro-Life: The Governor has worked to defend and protect life, appointing good judges and opposing abortion providers.
  • Pro-Family: He has promoted respect for the individual, family, and local communities. He also promoted a government that enables citizens to order their lives toward the common good without undue government interference. He opposes same-sex “marriage.”
  • Genuine Education: He has favored making education decisions should be made at the local level, signed an executive order calling for the end of Common Core, and helped ban the teaching of Marxist critical race theory. He also banned men from playing in women’s sports in Florida schools and colleges.
  • True Medicine: He resisted imposing restrictions such as face mask mandates, stay-at-home orders, and vaccination requirements. He has also opposed legalizing the recreational use of marijuana.
  • Good Business: He has supported laws, rules, and tax structures that enable families and communities to be economically self-sufficient. He supported legislation to prevent technology companies from discriminating against conservatives. He has also cracked down on economic espionage by communist China.
  • Police Supporter: He opposed defunding of police in Florida.
  • Crusader: He is a vocal critic of the dangers of Islamic extremism.
  • Servant of the People: Though he served two terms as a Florida congressman, Governor DeSantis has always declined to receive his congressional pension.

Sign up for the Spiritual Bouquet, and then forward the link to this web page to your family and friends so they can sign it too.

Away with fear, with all fear, save for one fear only, the fear of God, a filial fear – ‘Come, my sons, and I will teach you the fear of the Lord.’ This is the fear of offending, of grieving our Father, of not honoring our Father as he deserves: and this fear is the fear that casts out every other fear. When we fear God, we no more are afraid of men… – Pius XI