France: Pentecost Pilgrimage 2024 - Monday, May 20

Source: FSSPX News

The Pentecost pilgrimage ended Monday evening with a Mass celebrated in front of Les Invalides by the the District Superior of France, Fr. Benoît de Jorna. 

On Monday morning, shrouded in mist, our pilgrims embarked upon this last day of walking, while the volunteers busied themselves with cleaning up the campsite.

Children and adults met at noon to set off in a procession through Paris, uniting their prayers and songs in the streets of the capital.

At the end of the afternoon, the 8,000 pilgrims gathered to attend the Solemn High Mass celebrated by Fr. de Jorna, assisted by Fr. Héon et Fr. d’Humière.

After the coordinating director’s thanks, at the end of Mass, the pilgrims hastened to return to their homes, carrying with them the precious memories of this pilgrimage.

And in particular, this storm, which generously drenched the pilgrims during the end of Mass. But despite this downpour, the rain could not match the torrents of grace that God has certainly poured out upon the souls of those who walked for three days in His honor.