SSPX Reclaims Old Holy Rosary in Jacksonville

99-Year-Old Catholic Church In Jacksonville

In the historic neighborhood of Springfield in Jacksonville, FL stands a Romanesque Revival-style church that's nearing its hundred-year mark. Holy Rosary (colloquially called "Old" Holy Rosary) was founded in 1915 as a mission church. The small wooden chapel sat in another Springfield location but was later relocated to its current site at 2039 North Laura Street. Architect James Walsh oversaw the construction of a new building, which Bishop Patrick Barry laid the cornerstone for in 1923.

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Society of St. Pius X Reclaim Old Holy Rosary

Over the decades, the congregation of Old Holy Rosary outgrew the building. In 1986, the church was closed, and in 1992, the unused church was sold to a Seventh-Day Adventist community. In January 2022, Old Holy Rosary was purchased by the Society of St. Pius X, which ministers at St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church in Jacksonville. Since 2020, the faithful of St. Michael's have outgrown the cozy, Carpenter Gothic-style chapel, resulting in two additional Sunday Masses, many of which are standing-room-only.

Work in Progress

Construction on Old Holy Rosary began immediately. From the bell tower to the sanctuary, much work needs to be done in order to return Old Holy Rosary to its former glory. The faithful of St. Michael's have eagerly accepted the challenge and are grateful for the opportunity to bring greater glory to God.

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