Ora & Labora Day, All Day of Prayer & Work at the Priory

December 04, 2021
St. Thomas More - Sanford, FL
Trappists at work. A life of contemplation and work ("Ora et Labora") is emphasized in the Rule of St. Benedict, which contains the guiding precepts for Cistercian monasticism.

St. Thomas More Priory invites all people to come and help.

There is work for everyone: building and lawn maintenance, cleaning in the sacristy, the church, the gardens, the kitchen, altar linen care, etc. We have work for all trades and skills! Children accompanied by parents are welcome. Most of all, you will have an experience of the goodness of working together serving God in a day of service. Donate your time to God and you will be the beneficiary!

Join us for a day of prayer and work at St. Thomas More Priory. 

7:30 am     Devotions to Our Lady
8:30 am     Mass

9:30 am     Breakfast

12:30 pm   Catechism & Angelus
1:00 pm     Lunch offered to all the workers at St. Thomas More Priory with the priests.

St. Thomas More Church - 550 Riverview Ave - Sanford, FL
(407) 872-1007

email: [email protected]