District Superior's Letter: Jan-Feb 2015

When he founded the Society, Archbishop Lefebvre already had a depth of experience in missions and dioceses.

Dear Faithful,

When he founded the Society, Archbishop Lefebvre already had a depth of experience in missions and dioceses. He had seen, in particular during his tenure as Archbishop of Tulle, how the isolation of priests could be a cause of discouragement and the loss of apostolic spirit.

When he founded the Society, he therefore, opted for priories, houses where the priests live together in community to help in maintain the fervor of their vocation. He spoke about these priories as oases of grace for the souls striving in a world that is an enemy of God. The Society counts today 163 priories on five continents, with 20 of them in the U. S. District.

In the Statutes of the Society of St. Pius X, our founder gave many recommendations and much practical advice. Here below is an extract dedicated to the local superiors, the priors, on what should be their main focus in our priories.

It belongs especially to them to give proof of the Society’s providential foundation through supernatural peace, serenity, strength in joy, total trust in Our Lord and His Holy Mother...

They will have a boundless devotion to the Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ, in keeping with His Infinite Kingship over persons, families, and societies...

They will spread this devotion through the true Sacrifice of the Mass and through devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.”

From these priories, priests go to mission chapels and churches. The faithful, gathering around the altar, come regularly to receive the grace derived from the altar and communicated through the sacraments. Sermons, conferences and recollections prepare and guide them to receive more efficaciously the divine gifts. The need for social gatherings where charity, joy, support and gratitude are practiced and expressed is the reason so many events and activities make our chapels and priories little oases of new Christian communities. These communities are like the parishes of yesterday. Families, schools and parishes are the little societies which allow so many souls to survive and to thrive, to witness to the truth in our world today!

God never abandons us. Let us be grateful to Archbishop Lefebvre for having sowed these little seeds that become trees in which so many birds take refuge! (Mk. 4:30‑32) Let us thank our superiors who provide for the growth of the trees. It depends on you also, dear faithful, to maintain and improve these oases. As I am introduced to our priories and chapels, I am amazed by and grateful for your support and generosity. I encourage you to also make on‑going efforts to edify the spiritual strength of our communities by the practice of authentic charity which produces supernatural joy and serenity.

With my blessing in this Christmastide, my gratitude for your gifts, and best wishes for the new year.

Fr. Jurgen Wegner