Regina Coeli Report - June-July 2021: First Communions

Do any of us truly understand what an incredible gift we have in the Real Presence of Our Savior in the Blessed Sacrament? The Son of God waits for us in the tabernacle, but few take advantage of this incredible opportunity. As St. Peter Julian Eymard wrote, “Man has time for everything, except visits to his Lord and God, Who is waiting and longing for him in His tabernacle. The streets and houses of amusement are filled with people; the House of God is deserted.”

We have all learned from the catechism that Our Lord instituted the seven sacraments as the means of grace for men on earth. Advancing painfully as pilgrims towards the promised land of heaven, we are in need of all the help we can get. Yet, the one thing a traveler in the desert absolutely needs is food and drink. And so Our divine Lord invented the sacrament of Holy Communion to feed our souls with His Body and Blood, under the appearances of bread and wine.

Because the earthly journey towards the celestial Jerusalem is paved with varied obstacles, Our Lord literally wished to be God with us, partaking in our daily needs, joys, sorrows, and consoling us in our last moments. Isn’t the communicant another St. Christopher, that is to say, Christ’s bearer? Indeed, as he leaves the communion table, he bears Christ in his heart and his communion attests to his wish to be one with Him in mind, and heart and soul throughout the day.

Archbishop Lefebvre expressed the same thoughts: “Holy Communion is the source of Christian civilization. Here, Jesus manifests Himself as our Savior and also as our King: the King of our intellects by giving us the truth; the King of our hearts and wills by giving us His commandments to help us act in accordance with His holy will. The Christians who nourished themselves with the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ understand better their duty and how they must conduct themselves in daily life at home and in society.”

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