Regina Coeli Report - October-November 2022: Angelus Press & Catholic Publishing

For those new to Angelus Press, this issue of the Regina Coeli Report surveys the Press’s work as part of the continuing mission of the Society to “restore all things in Christ.”

Dear Friends,

Ever since Our Lord gave the great commission to the Apostles to preach to all nations, Catholics throughout the centuries have been anxious to communicate the faith to souls of good will around the world. More recent saints, such as St. Anthony Mary Claret and St. Maximilian Kolbe, did not hesitate to make use of the technology of their day to produce and distribute mass quantities of good literature for the purposes of evangelization.

There are many souls today who are not Catholic, but who are looking for timeless truths. There are many others who are Catholic and are wanting to nourish their souls on the spiritual resources that only traditional Catholicism can provide. This is why the Society of Saint Pius X’s publishing apostolate, Angelus Press, is employing a wide variety of modern means to lead souls to Our Lord. Classic books, magazines, and newsletters in print (such as this one) join a new wave of digital media such as podcasts and online articles covering Catholic news, doctrine, spirituality, and theology.

This issue of the Regina Coeli Report focuses on new developments at Angelus Press, including the recent opening of the Angelus Press Building in Saint Marys, Kansas and the appointment of the Press’s new Publisher, Fr. Paul Robinson. For those unfamiliar with the Press’s work, this issue provides an overview of this apostolate and its role in restoring Catholic Tradition.

- Rev. Fr. John Fullerton
   US District Superior

Also in this issue:

  • Angelus Press: Celebrating a New Chapter
  • Securing Our Future: Fr. Paul Robinson
  • News & Photos from the District