2024 Pascua Florida Pilgrimage

Sanford to San Augustine, FL

Pilgrims at the Departure on Easter Tuesday

In this 5-day pilgrimage, we follow the path of the Spanish missionaries who planted the cross on the coast of Florida more than 500 years ago. Covering 110 miles, the pilgrimage takes place during this year's Easter Week.

Catholic Roots

The early heroic martyrs endured deplorable conditions bringing the Faith to native peoples and ministering to settlers. Modern-day Catholics may not face this death of the body, but the irreligious atmosphere in the United States cries for evangelization. Come walk the path of the martyrs from St. Thomas More Church in Sanford, Florida, to St. Augustine, the oldest known site of the First Mass in North America.

An Authentic Pilgrimage

The pilgrims leave on Easter Tuesday, April 2nd, from St. Thomas More church in Sanford, FL. Over the next 5 days, via walking and canoeing, and traversing land, swamp, and ocean, the pilgrims will make their way to the Mission Nombre de Dios at St. Augustine for Sunday Mass, on April 7th, 2023.

The truest pilgrimage is the full five days, but accommodations are made for those who can only meet for part of the way, or even just visit the campsites in the evening to bring fellowship to the pilgrims.

How to Participate?

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You cannot come but you would like to sponsor a pilgrim? Have someone walking with your intentions!

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Arrival of the Pascua Pilgrimage at San Augustine on Sunday morning.